Case Study 3

Workflow Enhancement of the Support Process


Recommended Changes

Sprint 3 - exported from Sketch file of the landing page of Global Application Support


  • There was a bottleneck in the workflow when a person was assigned to triage over 50% of the incoming tickets from the Global Application Support (ServiceNow) tickets and then manually assigning them to other people and groups
  • Users were asking questions and making requests via multiple MS Teams channels and ServiceNow
  • Issue categories were not descriptive of the more popular issues and problems
  • Issue Description did not appear to have enough spaces to capture the information needed to be entered
  • Users needed to perform multiple manual steps in order to receive immediate attention from the support team – entering information for a ServiceNow ticket and then using the ticket information to manually call attention to the ticket on MS Teams. Users also needed to manually enter that information into an Excel spreadsheet that their office keeps so that others will not file the same problem or kind of issue.


  • 10+ channels of MS Teams were consolidated into 2 MS Teams – Refugees and Asylum channels
  • New categories were created for better reporting and to automatically assign tickets
  • Issue Description expand the width of the form
  • The check box to “Expedite” would save users the need to manually input information fromt the ticket into MS Teams in order to call attention to their ticket
  • UX research: Ask the the users for their input on the checkbox to automatically expedite their issue by placing the ticket information into MS Teams and the placement location of the checkbox.







“I Love it! Yes, that would be helpful. The only thing is sometimes when I submit a Snow Ticket it is not necessarily expedited. But it becomes expedited several days later when I have not heard anything. So how would I submit an expedite request later on after the ticket has been submitted.”

When this goes into the testing phase, we will test if it can be changed later.


“O that sounds like a wonderful idea.”

“I really like the feature that it will post directly to the teams channel for us.  In our office we have internal trackers we complete and this is an extra step we won’t have to do anymore which is immensely helpful.”

“we have an excel sheet our office uses internally. it’s mostly for us not to submit duplicates or if someone is out long term we have access to the tickets they submitted that might still be open so we can follow up if needed, etc”

Interested in automating tracking


“Hi Van, I am 100% onboard with this idea”



“Wow that is amazing. I love that. it would save so much time”