Case Study 2

Redesign and Development of Periodical Press Gallery


Periodical Press homepage in 2021



  • Audience/Demographics: Media personnel from publishing companies and outlets. Most are using portable devices and/or using a laptop to access information.
  • Floor log was taking up the entire home page with lengthy scrolling
  • It did not display all that a journalist needs while they are working on the Hill for the day
  • Home page was very static
  • They did not like the colors or images used, if any
  • Content structure needed help


  • Created loop theme, used pagination, and added a Floor Log Archive page
  • Embedded Senate Hearings & Meetings from, added social media feeds, and Floor Schedule
  • Added image slider and embedded Live Senate Floor feed
  • Used a red and blue accent colors
  • Reduced navigation menu items from 6 to 5 and reorganized the structure of the site