Case Study 1

Redesign and Development of Senator Bernie Sanders's Website


Sen. Bernie Sanders Webpage Home



  • Needed a fresh look
  • Navigation was arkward and content was hard to find, even when using the search feature
  • Contents were not logically structured and some contents are not navigatable from the menu
  • Contents were hidden and/or too far driven down
  • Not easy to figure out how to contact the Senator
  • Needed to be reponsive
  • Needed to look especially good for when the Senator viewed it from his iPad and reading it vertically
  • There needed different contact forms – one for the DC team and another for the Vermont team
  • Content and contact forms (for the Vermont team) need to be clearer that it is for Vermonters
  • Numeous broken links


Persona Donna small business owner in her 40s. Photo by Merritt Thomas on Unsplash.

Small Business Owner

Demographics: Constituents are mid-40s and older


Donna has lived in Burlington, Vermont all of her life. She’s a graduate of the University of Vermont with a degree in Business Administration and Management and Natural Resources and Conservation. Donna owns a store in downtown Burlington selling refills of products that would reduce packaging and single-use containers by allowing customers to bring their own containers and to pay for the items by weight.

Pain Points
  • Assistance from the Small Business Administration is slow
  • She has trouble contacting the Senator and the SBA agency
  • Needs to know what resources are available to assist her small business
  • Finding the resources available on the Senator’s site for a small business is difficult
  • Reached out to the wrong staff member on the Senator’s team regarding her issues


  • Audiences/Demographics: Constituents are mid-40s and older. The Senator was nearing 80 at the time. Hence all fonts need to be larger than 16px.
  • Horizontal navigation was used to create more space for content
  • Navigation menu, content, and contact forms were moved to where, logically, the user would be reaching out to the two different constitutent services teams (Washington DC or Vermont) accordingly
  • Navigation menu was restructured to no more than 2 levels deep
  • UI Design – For quick and easy access, the right corner box, a.k.a. quick links, contains icons with more the popular links that are relevant with the page content
  • The social media feeds are displayed when viewed on an iPad; the Senator likes to see his social media feeds
  • Posts are searchable from any page with the search feature at the top in the header area
  • At the request of the Chief of Staff at the time, Vermont colors and shades of it were implemented days before launch


We simply would not have a new website without you. I can’t thank you enough for all of the support you provided myself and the Sanders team. We will do our best to keep YOUR website looking great!” – Kate F., Operations Director