About Jackie

Hello I'm Jackie Ly

Some of the roles I’ve taken at work are: front-end web development, web and application design, UX/UI Design, content strategy and data architecture, project and product management, 508 Compliance remediation and assurance, cybersecurity and web traffic management using a CDN, and research and analysis of new web technology for digital transformation. I enjoy the challenge of learning something new and finding solutions to unique and different issues. Through the lens of the multiple and diverse roles that I’ve taken over the years, I find the balance and navigate for the best solution.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time outside in a wide range of recreational activities. Just to name a few: photography, gardening, hiking, camping, snowshoeing, white water rafting, scuba diving, snorkling, and sailing.

Photo of Jackie Ly from the top of US Capitol Dome with the National Monument in the background
Jackie with a group of people doing white water rafting on the Snake River in Wyoming.


Jackie – Just wanted to shoot you over a quick e-mail and say thank you for all of the work that you and your team have put into our website. The entire re-design looks incredible and the new user-friendly interface has been a real help to the staff and photographers. The main splash page is neat and well organized, and the updated tabs including Senator and Staff information are easy to find and to use.

We also want to thank you for updating our links to applications and for adding links to applications for both the Conventions and Inauguration. I know I asked you many times to update quickly, which I know much have been stressful for you because you have a lot of other work to focus on. Thank you for work in such a speedy and diligent manner.

Another big help was being able to take the PDF photographer application that was only able to be filled out by hand and you  converting it all to be fillable form. This has made it easier for photographers to apply to our gallery and print and scan or e-mail these forms in to us. We really appreciate your help with these forms because now they are more user friendly and look a lot cleaner.

You and your team have also gone out of the way for us on numerous occasions to provide training and guidance so that we may update or add plug-ins ourselves when you all are unavailable. This is not something your team had to do, but it is just another example of going above and beyond for us.

Overall, the site looks much cleaner and more professional than ever. We sincerely thank you for being able to continually work with us on upgrades and updates as they are needed. You and your team get done what needs to get done quickly and efficiently and truly shows.

– Matt G. and the Press Photo Gallery team

To Whom It May Concern: 

Our senate website is of great importance to our office, and I’ve been extremely happy with Jackie’s commitment to making our website look and function at the highest quality. She has been an integral player in the success of our website.  

Jackie’s performance has left our office more than content. She is always timely in her response to a request, and our issues are always fixed quickly and efficiently. Since I have taken over managing the website for my office, Jackie happily walks me through any necessary training that I might need to better service our site.

Working directly with Jackie and her team saves us the headache of finding and dealing with an outside vendor. We already have a great relationship with Jackie, she knows our website inside and out. There’s never a time when we have to inform Jackie about something on our site, she is always helping us learn more about our website.

Jackie’s constant responsiveness, knowledge of our website, and ability to provide us continual support are all essential for the success of our website. Our Senator wants our site to be a hub that constituents can visit and find an answer to every single one of our questions. Jackie has helped create that. I hope we can continue to work with Jackie and her team.

– Emily Bordow, Communications Assistant
Office of U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona